Here you can play games with your webcam and view live video of yourself in silly effects!

Chatroulette is an online place especially designed for single individuals who wish to find their pair, being able to chat using webcam-based conversations. You can easily log in, start a conversation with someone you like, being able to leave the page whenever you wish, connecting with another visitor.
Chatroulette has been created by Andrew Ternovsky, a 17-year-old high school student from Moscow. The creator of Chatroulette states that the idea came after he had several video chat sessions with his friends using the popular Skype. He wrote the version of Chatroulette in two days and two nights. The name of the website has been inspired by the popular Russian roulette. If you want to try this website, you should know that it randomly pairs up the users, who have the opportunity to see each other thanks to the webcam. Chatroulette has been written on an old computer, and initially it had only 20 users, doubling this amount every single passing day. The creator of Chatroulette says that he didn’t use any marketing strategy in order to attract clients, but since the website was good, the word of mouth spread gradually. Facing the fact that the number of users increased considerably, he had to rewrite the entire code in order to cope with the load.
As the website began to grow, Ternovsky’s parents decided to invest in this promising business, which managed to pay back every single penny. At first, the website used to be run from the teenager’s bedroom, being supported through advertising links to an online dating service. It also used a few high end servers that were placed in Frankfurt, Germany.
New York Times has written an article about this website, saying that it is quite addictive. After the website has been launched, there have been made several informal studies, and the results show that almost half of the single individuals who were using Chatroulette have actually met someone, the most popular countries being the United States of America and France.
However, just as these website, there have been some problems, such as showing no webcam, too many people, or even intimate body parts. Due to these incidents, the website requires a full registration with user name and password. Additionally, the users can also write an ‘about me’ section. Further on, since there have been incidents, Chatroulette received criticism, mainly because there were offensive, obscene, and even pornographic materials. Therefore, all the parents should keep the children away from this place that is too dangerous. However, even if there have been several incidents, the truth is that there have been taken certain measures in order to avoid them happening again. One of these measures is the fact that after a user has been reported 3 times, he/she will receive a message.
Therefore, there’s a long way until Chatroulette will become exactly what it was meant to be. However, the creator has taken proper measures, hiring a moderation team to review the pictures manually, helping the recognition software.

Flash Interactive Webcam Toys & Tricks

  • Fake Magazine Covers (put your face on 500 popular magazine covers)
  • Silly Scenes (templates that put you in a different time or place, 100 layouts)
  • World's Best Award (250 parody award certificates to put your video in)
  • Greeting Cards (personalized text message, over 200 styles, email soon)
  • Your Face On Another Body (400 funny body scenes, use webcam)
  • Borders (borders and edges to spruce up a webcam, 50 templates)
  • Frames (museum/gallery quality mirror frames, 25 overlays)
  • Hairstyles: Women's short, medium, long, wedding, funky, up, mens or extras
  • Photo Shoot (take & save a plain JPG picture, NO effects applied)
  • Photo Booth Strip BETA (classic 4 panels)


  1. Goo (mash-up your face, use mouse to manipulate image)
  2. Fire Starter (you are so hot that when you move, flames burst from your skin)
  3. Snowfall (it's snowing in your room and on you, you can brush the snow off)
  4. JigSaw Puzzle (the "Living Jig Saw Puzzle", you are the pieces)
  5. Sparky (fire like sparks fly around to your aura)
  6. 3D 8Bit Imagery (make your face look like a 3D equalizer)
  7. Andy Warhol (make the 4 color poster art, change colors)
  8. Spherizer (bulging globe/sphere like webcam effect)
  9. July 4th Fireworks (really cool webcam effect on mouse movenment)
  10. Motion Trails (move your hands & body, trippy motion trailing blurred effects)
  11. Motion Detector (only movements appear as red coloring)
  12. Motion Sickness (small for best results, shake head slow for a wiggly head)
  13. Annoying Orb (this ball tracks & follows the most movement, gets in the way)
  14. Blue Vibes (move around and a blue aura or cold radiant energy field appears)
  15. Twister (drag the corners with mouse, fold, twist, distort)
  16. Alien Nation (trippy color effects, can change, 3 choices)
  17. Funhouse Mirror (see half your screen flipped, 4 choices of panes)
  18. Fisheye Lens (your image is distorted into a ball shape)
  19. Parallel Universes (many views of your self, some different times & places)
  20. X Marks The Spot (neat effects using letters X)
  21. ASCII Text (turn live video into ASCII characters with ASCII effects)
  22. ASCIIcam (another ASCII artcam, changeable variables)
  23. Under Water (water is flowing over you, an automatic "goo" displacement map)
  24. Water Ripples (move around the mouse and see water ripples)
  25. Surface Tension (similar to the water rippler and a bit like the "gooer")
  26. Kaleidoscope (move around the mouse to change/interact with your webcam)
  27. Kaleidoscope v.2 (simpler version, less intense on CPU usage)
  28. Pixie Dust (move around and trigger the magic, sparks fall from your body)
  29. Stadium Waver (be the crowd that starts the wave crave)
  30. Pop Art (Andy Warhol styled artistic effect with your webcam, check it out)
  31. Old TV (black and white video with some static effects)
  32. Embossed (Flash video effect using your webcam, raised metal on a coin)
  33. Ghostly (scary sickly pinkish goo)
  34. Photo Negative (inversed/reversed colors, like a film negative or xray effect)
  35. Grayscale (looks like black and white television channel coming in clear)
  36. Greenery (simply makes video a greenish tint, perhaps a night vision effect)
  37. Sepia Toner (make your video look like olde fashioned photographs)
  38. Drunken View (distorted and blurred, how I see the world after 6 beers)
  39. Motion Sensor (move around and see image differences)
  40. Trippy Movement (move around to create the effect)
  41. Sun Bleached (saturated colors and whiteout effects)
  42. Old Movies (1920s movie, just need to add some static and flicker)
  43. Snapper (takes a snapshot every second or so)
  44. Many Cams (just a screen full of many yous, nothing but you)
  45. Neon Effect (boring green neon colorization)
  46. Red Effect (basic red effect, what you would see on planet Mars)
  47. Grab Gifts Game (falling objects you have to swat with hands, Xmas fun)
  48. Face Painter (draw on yourself, choose line thickness & color)
  49. Mr. Dress Up (put clothing and apparel items on yourself)
  50. Combustion Cam (another "flames on" effect, you appear to be on fire)
  51. Reflected Light (cam reflection can be seen below live video stream)
  52. Virtual Makeover (another dress up game for webcam)
  53. Motion Hash (image goes through the blender)
  54. Smoking Gun (blue smoke, smoldering effect)
  55. Spinning Box (a three dimensional box that spins)
  56. Spinner (your image is turning around, grab a snapshot)
  57. Ball of Light (glare that follows your movements)
  58. Ninja Stars (move around to activate the weapons)
  59. 4 Way Mirror
  60. Threshold
  61. Threshold II
  62. Web Control (webcam interface I was going to make for this site)

 All Flash webcam widgets above allow you to take a snapshot (save as JPG).


  • Steamy Hot (steam on your cam, wipe it off)
  • Flames On (another fire flaming webcam effect)
  • Under Water (rippling blue waters cover you)
  • X-Ray Vision (Xrays are harmful, this is safe way)
  • Rainbow Bright (colors merge & change, trippy effect)
  • Neon Glow (looks like some funky color effects)
  • Motion Trails (slow motion that leaves LSD like trails)
  • Time Traveler (fly through space & time)
  • Falling Snow (you can brush away fallen snow)
  • Ghost Hunter (you will see overlapping images from past)
  • Andy Warhol (pop art, 4 squares colored)
  • ASCII Cam (numbers as your image)
  • Off Kilter (split panes jitter around)
  • Fill-R-Up (fills screen with mini yous, AKA miniME)
  • Halftone Comic (dotted graphics effect)
  • Pixelated Plane (pixelization can make neat effect)
  • Mixed Pixels (pixelated to the max)
  • Displacement (very cool Flash goo effect that's fun to play with)
  • RGB TV (scanlines like on old Commodore)
  • Fisheye Effect (huge bulging lens effect)
  • Squished (squeezed in webcam effect)
  • Bulging (gained some weight, bulge video effect)
  • Dented (bent in to the center)
  • Old Movie (sepia tones & scratched film, realistic)
  • Bug Swarm (some insects appear to be flying around)
  • Matrix (green, scrolling number data to enhance the webcam effect)
  • Matrix v.2 (green webcam effect giving the appearance that you are in the Matrix)
  • Colored Cams (move mouse around to interact slightly with the colored videos)
  • Dizziness (impaired vision effect, high fever or alcohol poisoning)
  • Bug Eyes (see the world through a bug's eye vision)
  • Art Morpher (as you move around, you turn into morphing artistic creations)
  • Collage Portrait (cut up pieces of your photos arranged to look like 1 photo)
  • Mouse Rippler (moving cursor causes water ripples)
  • 4 Way Mirror (4 funhouse mirrors each showing a different reflection)
  • Spinning Cube (3D rendered cube that spins around)
  • Time Shifts (horizontal plane is askew, shifting slices)
  • Tester (basic Flash tests your webcam and gives FPS framerate)
  • 50 Cam Games (use your body as joystick and other input controllers)
  • Bubble Pop (move over the spheres to break them)
  • Gamepack (12 webcam games like Pong & dodgeball)
  • JamCam (music beat Flash game that uses your webcam)
  • 99 Balloons (move the sharp thing with your hands to pop)
  • 3D Bits (3D graph almost, each color is a different hieght)
  • Ping Ponger (fun game, try it out, will track movements to hit ball)
  • Camaleidoscope (change some values for more visual changes)
  • ASCII 4 (another basic ASCII web cam effect)
  • Puzzled (scramble the pieces and drag & drop to rearrange them)
  • Ball Out (splash around in a pile of balls)
  • Bouncing Ball (smack the ball around the screen with your hands)
  • Bust Em Up (body movements will break them apart)
  • Panels (just a series of framed images with color effects)
  • PingPong (a simple one sided ping pong game demo)
  • Piano Player (move over the keys to play the sounds)
  • Soccer Football (kick the ball around)
  • Face It (face detection and facial area recognition)
  • Matrix Effect (yeah, another one)
  • Motion Capturer (just a basic sampler)
  • Mind Mover (move to the left and so will this 3D rendered cube)
  • Negative Reaction (move around to cause the effect to change)
  • Mirrored Water (move around to jiggle the water on the left panel)
  • SloMo (move in slow motion like the 6 Million Dollar Man)
  • Which Way (3D like vector arrows pointing the direction you moved)
  • Mirror It(click to flip horizontal or back again)
  • Hand Tracker(place your hand in the scanner then track hand)
  • Edge Vs Motion(edge detecting and motion sensing demos)
  • Detect Motion (motion detection demonstration)
  • Test Your Webcam(will give you current details like FPS, cam name)


  • Above effects will eventually get ability to save as JPG from Flash
  • Live Video Effects (50 samples & 25 samples, mirrors, distortion, colorize, grayscale, blur, warping, trippy, negative, goo)
  • Interactive Games (1 sample, motion detection, hand movements, face tracking)
  • Add Props (sunglasses, hats, wigs, beards, noses, novelties, clothing, people cutouts)
  • Face Makeup (wave of a hand to add eye shadow, blush, remove wrinkles, etc)
  • Freehand Draw (drawing and doodling on yourself)
  • FunHouse Mirrors (sample)
  • Distortion/Warp (goo sample)


  • Webcamtastic
  • AniBoom (select background, snapshots, save animated GIF)
  • PicAnom (snap some pics with webcam, some effects)
  • Cameroid (numerous effects and layouts, take pics)
  • Seenly (online emulator of Mac's Photo Booth)
  • Neave (save a mini clip for others to see, 30 effects)
  • FunFaceCam (pose in some funny holes for your head)
  • PlaydoCam (webcam gaming fun for family)
  • DailyMugshot (chronicle daily images to an animated sequence). The Daily Mug shot began when I came across a dude who took a picture of himself every day and turned it into a video. He had taken pictures of himself every day for years, and the video was amazing. I thought: I want to do that too! Then I began thinking about what sort of system would make the entire process as easy as possible, and furthermore, what would be the most fun and easy way to show these videos to friends on the net.
  • MotionGames (play a game with your webcam)
  • PiterWilson (stop motion video clips that get saved to gallery or PC)


  • Webcam Recording (record videos or take snapshots with webcam)
  • Webcam Effects (install effects like seen here  to use with online services)
  • Chat VIA Webcam (50 sites like chat roulette & webcam software links)

      Webcam chatrooms and random partner video chat services for free. Tools and applications to spice up your webcam and have some serious fun!  


  • (make a fansign, get 500 fans)
  • (fake magazine covers w/photo)
  • (silly scenes for photos)
  • (1,000 image making widgets)
  • (list of many free online photo tools)
  • (upload photo and magically change photos)
  • (make a free logo gadget using your text)
  • (insult generator that makes mean prank pics)


  • (hundred free online games, single or multi player)